Welcome to Arty-Shock

At Arty-Shock, we love all things beautiful. And we firmly believe life shouldn’t be taken too seriously! So it’s our mission to bring joy to the world with our quirky, fun works of art. Paying homage to the Old Masters, we offer unique art with an Arty-Shock twist! Each piece is made-to-order and comes in a numbered, limited edition with a Certificate of Authentication. We can make you an Arty-Shock on superior quality matte Dibond or glossy Perspex. Or what about a Luxury Liquid Gloss Arty-Shock or one as an acoustic panel? Just let us know what type and size you want and we will make you your very own custom made Arty-Shock!

Brighten up your interior with these unique eye-catchers! Smiles, grins and smirks guaranteed. That’s what Arty-Shock is all about!


We are proud to present The “Nude With A Twist” collection! A work from this series is an asset to any boring (bedroom) wall. The collection consists of classy black & white photography with an Arty-Shock twist. The result? An old-fashioned boudoir feel that will most definitely spice up your interior!



Do you have your eye on this Arty-Shock of Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’? Don’t wait any longer! Stock is running very, very low and sales don’t seem to slow down… Order now and own 1 of the 50 editions in your corner of the world!

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